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Microscope Dentistry

Dr GK Vijayalakshmi, has worked for 5 years in advanced centres of excellence in many hospitals in UK and Ireland, gaining valuable experience in Dentistry and Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery. She obtained the FFDRCS diploma in Oral Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Ireland. She has been well trained in conscious sedation, Branemark dental implants, maxillo-facial surgery for all types of serious facial injuries, wisdom teeth surgery etc. She returned to India in 1999 and established her own full-fledged advanced dental care centre, Aishwarya Dental Clinic, in Coimbatore. She has introduced many new concepts in her clinic like conscious sedation, microscope enhanced dentistry. New concepts are being introduced every new year into her practice regularly. She has given a lecture at an international meeting in the USA, and also at a national level meeting recently. She is active in many internet discussion groups, and believes strongly in continuous updation of knowledge base, and implementing them in her clinic, keeping in mind the local scenario. She has active connections with many service organisations like Rotary, Lions, many other charitable trusts, to help the under-privileged in the local community.

Professional Affiliations:

Member, American Dental Association
Member, Indian Dental Association
Member, Association of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, USA
Member, Association of Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgeons of India
Member, Society for Advancement of Anesthesia in Dentistry, UK

Dr Girish Kumar, an orthopaedic surgeon by training, has been active in knowledge upgradation, technology upgradation, and organisational aspects of Aishwarya Dental Clinic, right form the start. His vision of world class dental care in his home-town, Coimbatore, has been one of the driving forces in the constant upgradation of services provided here.

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Microscope Dentistry - Dental Care Centre - Coimbatore, India