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Visitors Book

Name & Address
  Santhosh Nair, Rainfussweg 3 Zurich 8038, Switzerland Excellent treatment, Comfortable, efficient & effective
  Prof.V. Selvarajan 103/1, maharani Avenue , Vadavalli P.O.
Coimbatore - 641 041.
Fine Felt Comfortable, sealing was smooth and convenient. Doctor was in caring the patient.
  Dr.Kaleel Proudly impressive and extremely comfortable. Thanks a lot Doctor.
  R.X.Switha Ferguson First even treatment that was more than satisfying the needs of a proper clinic
  B.Kowsalyadevi Very Good
  G.Vasanthakumar My 25 years of aueessnesl its very Nice & good Thanks
  C.Semhian, B7-Pasa Galaxy Excellent professional treatment. The next quenees
  Ruckmani, USA I have no words to explain regarding professionalsm & treatment. It is my honor to recommend who needs (check np & treatment) Dentist.
  Debroah Edwards, Alphanse Francis
9, Turnberry Court, Bentley Dancaster s yones UK.
Many thanks. We now have hope of a beautiful smile once again. words cannot express my gratitude. See you next year
  J.Kadherasen I was very comfortable when the scarling and cleanily was done. thanks of the doctor